Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith

I would like to tell you shortly the reason of my instrumental choice.

The first words that come to my mind are…”Love at first sight”. Even before I tried it, even before I’ve could touch it, I fall in love with it. Sure, it was a simply purchase, rather (o properly speaking) a blind  exchange (I will explain the reason later). I felt that this would be the perfect guitar and so it was!

My first problem was “how to pay it”. I didn’t have $5000 to spend for a new guitar….but I had 3 different guitars that I didn’t use very frequently. Therefore I decided to offer to the retailer an exchange…3 good and e for a brand-new PRS custom 24, color Blue Matteo.

Considering the value of my 3 guitars, the retailer didn’t think twice about my proposal and went along it right away giving me an immeasurable joy. Finally I had the guitar I always dreamed of!!

You’re wondering now which 3 guitars I gave in exchange!! You can believe me! It wasn’t easy for me to get rid them, but for a PRS this, and more else ;o)!!

Here’s the list:
Ibanez JS10TH ChromeBoy only 507 pieces worldwide;
Godin LGX;
Fender Stratocaster made in USA;

I’ve probably lost money…selling the guitars separately I’ve surely could buy a PRS saving also some money, but I wanted this instrument by any means!! This was one of my best right-thinking deals that I’ve ever done!
PRS Custom 24 is absolutely the best and perfect guitar for my musical style and liking. It’s a very great guitar thanks to its versatility, its extraordinary sound and its ability to adapt itself also to the most modern styles.
A very light instrumental and apparently smaller than any usual electric guitar.  Featuring to its typical and unique maple top (available in various finishing), carved and shaped for the best ergonomics. Made up of a mahogany body and handle, rosewood guitar fretboard fitted out with 24 frets and the typical bird-shaped mother-of-pearl tuners.
Among its various peculiarities, the guitar has a PRS tremolo-bridge, a self-blocking tuners, a chrome-plated hardware, a pickup humbuker (HFS Treble at the bridge and a Vintage Bass at the neck) with a 5-way rotary switch like a potentiometer as well as a tone and volume control.
It has a full, clean and strong sound but in the meantime as well soft and harmonious, I love it!! It fits perfectly to my own music style!
I’ve used and still use my PRS for the most part of my recordings.
I will talk about the rest of my equipment in the next pieces.
And now you are invited to listen to my first track released “My Ability” and please stay tuned for more information about the release of my album.


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