Everything started in 2008. After several experiences with local bands I decided to embark on a solo career. I wasn’t very clear of what to do and how to handle this project. I just grabbed my instrument and started composing.
After 1, 2, 3 tracks I found that I absolutely had to find a suitable voice to complete the music that was slowly taking shape.

I started with word of mouth then continued with ads on websites dedicated to musicians. Several responded and with some of them I tried. Unfortunately the best ones were too busy with other bands and projects while others were not to my taste.
Time passed and I hadn’t found a voice yet. I also tried to form a band but I felt that this wasn’t exactly the right direction but still I didn’t know what that direction was.
The songs kept pouring more and more so much so that feeling full of sounds led me to create my space in the most important sites, that received several positive feedback and many wondered if it was an instrumental project.
My reply then was “no, I’d love to find the right voice” …. but, more and more time went by and I started to lose faith.

Time passed and my frustration in trying to find at all costs the right voice without success made me lazy and at the same time listless … I was about to spit up my bone! Huge mistake!

I knew I had powerful songs in my hands. Songs with huge potential, but I felt powerless without the blessed Voice.

I kept telling myself “if only I knew how to sing. .. it would be much easier”!
However the problem was not what I was morbidly seeking … no …the problem was me.

In 2012 thanks to a series of personal growth courses my companion began a new career that she is still dealing with. You might wonder “what does this have to do with your story” … well it has a lot to do with it ! … It does because after having participated in one of the most popular and famous personal growth courses I saw a huge change in her life. A sense of positivism reigned at home, and it was absolutely compelling. I liked everything about that positivity and I absolutely wanted to know how to do it.

Daniela, my great love, started to introduce me to what up to now is the most beautiful thing she has ever done. I started reading a lot, something I had never done before. I read a lot about the “Law of Attraction”, and on “The personal growth”, etc … and the more I read the more I realized how trapped in what is known as the “comfort zone” I was , that of our daily routine, not having the courage to seriously take matters into one’s own hands and change them. It is not true that we cannot change! All of us can do it! Just ask. You just have to want it.

All this long story to finally arrive to a breakthrough of what is and will be the project: “Bring Me To Chaos”.

Positivism has had such an influence on me that now I know what I want to do and how to get it. For starters I realized that the songs worked as they were instrumental. I kept them, remade then , and re-proposed them to launch my product, and these are just crumbs of what I have in store!!!!They will all be instrumental but for future pieces am absolutely open to any collaboration, instrumentalist or vocal.
My music is not addressed to listeners only but also to companies and the media who need a musical score for their own products or presentations.

Listen and let me know what you think … write to me!


Special Thanks

I would like to thank my loved Daniela for the enormous support that she give me every day and to show me the right way, she’s an inspiration to me :) , my family papà Hans-Peter mamy Theresia and my big syster Jutta I love you all!
Gianandrea Costa for its beautiful bass lines thanks man!…and of course all my big friends!!

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