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My Ability

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The Birth of a Song…

Is one of the last tracks of the first 8 which will be posted on the website.
It’s a piece of pure rock with metal influences staying at the same time instrumental and underground in style. I recognize on this track several influences that am fond of and that belong to my musical journey.

I’m very tied to the 80’s pop music and refrains, and thanks to an out of this big guitar with infinite delay, it reminds me of that time and maybe it was just what I wanted to convey.

The guitar riff in the verses identify me as a rock-metal guitarist. They are clean, precise, a wall of sound that one can hardly get out of one’s head. While recording or whenever I played it I could feel an indescribable chill surge behind my back! For me as a musician this is the most wonderful thing.

I remember the cold period during composition, as always alone, this is a time that I adore … me, my equipment and mind beginning to travel … I still remember the snow coming down, and unlike what you might think before a similar event , mine were feelings of joy and not of melancholy as the winter makes us believe.

The central part is very relaxing … I love after 2/3 minutes of crazy guitar bits to calm down the waters and try to be a little more reflective.
I added the vibes because they give a sense of fullness … amazing:)

The choice of the title I think means “My Ability” to combine multiple styles in one song.

Special thanks to bassist and my friend Gian Andrea Costa. Gian Andrea use Markbass Amp & Effects


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